The fee is always agreed with each client individually, depending on the scope and nature of the required legal services. We will provide you with professional outputs under all circumstances. We personally guarantee high quality of our services. 

The following types of fees can be agreed:

An hourly fee for services provided by our lawyers is determined based on the number of hours actually spent by the respective lawyer on the case for the client. Our rates range from CZK 1,800 to CZK 3,500 excl. VAT per hour.

A task-based fee for services provided by our lawyer is determined based on the number of tasks performed by the respective lawyer in connection with a specific matter for the client (the fixed amount per task is determined according to the Attorney’s Tariff, depending on the nature of the respective matter, where the fee determined according to the Attorney’s Tariff may be adjusted if agreed with the client).

A flat fee for addressing an entire case can be agreed with the client as a fixed amount when we take over the client’s case (this is an option primarily in cases where the total scope of work of the lawyer can be estimated in advance – e.g. for services related to real estate transfers or in the area of commercial law, for services provided in connection with establishment of companies).

We are registered for VAT. A proper tax receipt (invoice) is issued for each payment.


Your rights are not limited by our working hours. Our clients’ new requests are processed within two days at the latest. Contact us.